Bombs iSi 10 pieces

Bombs iSi 10 pieces

Special disposable bottles for use in bottles of the iSi Austrian manufacturer. It is designed to whip whipped cream, desserts, foams, sauces and soups.

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Brand: iSi
Code: 087

Pack of 10 pieces.

N2O gas content 8 g (10 ml), up to 5 times the crease of the cream.

Refill: N 2 O

Bombs are one-time and can not be refilled. It is sufficient for 0.5 l of whipped cream or other fillings.

Benefits of iSi Bottles:

1) Guarantee of weight - bombs are piece by piece electronically weighted.

2) Absence of leakage - iSi guarantees that all bombs are 100% tight.

3) Nature Conservation - all bottles are made of recycled steel.

iSi KULINARIK relies on innovation and functionality. But it does not forget beauty. Their products are of a classic appearance, but always with a light touch of the designer's hand. Professional chefs and all home-made hearts make iSi products more pleasant for cooking. The products have a long life and are really happy to work with them. The range of uses is wide and allows every chef to easily enrich the cookery repertoire of sweet and tasty creams, soups, doughs and sauces.