Blendtec Mixer Designer 625 – Gray

We offer the novelty of the Blendtec Designer 625, which is one of the high–quality mixers, especially in terms of functionality, engine power and certainly luxurious design. It is very versatile and is easy to handle. A new addition to this professional helper is the modern backlit touch control. The Blendtec 625 has several pre–programmed programs to make smoothies, soups, ice creams or cocktails in just a few moments. We offer in several other color variants. For every great purchase like this, you can look forward to a gift from us. WE OFFER ONLY ON THE ORDER ONLY. 8–year warranty (when purchased at ID, VAT only 1year) Made in USA

Brand: Blendtec

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17,875 Kč

Dimensions: height 39.5 cm x width 17.8 cm x depth 23.4 cm and weight 4.3 kg

Extra powerful engine, powerful 3 horsepower and 1625 watts power.
Rotation at up to 480 km / h
Power input 1625 W

Dimensions: height 39.5 cm x width 17.8 cm x depth 23.4 cm and weight 4.3 kg

Extra powerful engine with 3 horsepower and 1625 watts power.
Rotation at up to 480 km / h
Power input 1625 W

A 2.83 l canister is made of chemically resistant and health-conscious plastic free of BPA. Although this material is very strong and can withstand, for example, a fall on the ground, you will be pleased with its low weight. The container can be loaded with raw materials with a maximum temperature of 85 ˚C.

Tough steel knives, highly sharpened.

The patented shape of the Wildside + ™ mixing bowl modifies the circulation inside the bowl to the knives, the container is made of Tritan

Modern touch control with backlight, including 4 preset programs.

Use of mixing containers

Blendtec has a patented design and cutting knife technology. The rectangular shape of the two-stainless steel blade is designed to be thoroughly and quickly mixed.

Pay attention to the following instructions:

The manufacturer allows washing in dishwasher, but never! at temperatures above 85 ° C. At the same time, it does not recommend to keep the mixed foods in them longer.

After use, always rinse the container and lid with hot water and dry thoroughly.

The pot can be filled with a little hot water with a detergent and run a slow mixing cycle. Always dry completely around the drive shaft blade.

During storage, the containers must always be dry and never folded together.

Do not insert the container into the drive shaft carrier while the blender is running. This causes premature wear of the shaft.

If you feel the shaft does not rotate freely, pour at least 3 dcl of warm water into the container and leave it for a few minutes. Dissolved sugar from the previous mixing under the knife dissolves.

The manufacturer recommends occasional cleaning of chemicals to remove settled residues or spots. This also prolongs the life of the container and protects yourself against bacteria !!! Beware, the repeated use of chemical detergents causes the container to become messy. It is a very common phenomenon.

Vibration of the mixing vessel is quite common.

At present, Blendtec is one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry. History dates back to 1970, when a wheat mill was invented . Since then, the development has shifted to high-speed mixers.

These mixers have become an indispensable part of not only bars, cafes, restaurants, but of course households all over the world.