Black Berkey - Replacement Filter Inserts - 2pcs
Black Berkey - Replacement Filter Inserts - 2pcs

Black Berkey – Replacement Filter Inserts – 2pcs

Replacement filter inserts for Berkey water filters that we offer in our store. Black Berkey inserts are superior to any other available gravity filters. The micropores inside the Black Berkey ™ filter pad are so small that they do not pass through any pathogenic bacteria. Black Berkey filter pads are so effective that they can remove microscopic red food dye while retaining the health benefits of minerals that the body needs. Virtually no other filtration systems of such efficacy are attained. The pack contains 2 pcs. Warranty: 24 months.

4,690 Kč
4,690 Kč
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Brand: Berkey
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Powerful Black Berkey ™ filters also remove the presence of bacteria, pathogenic cysts, parasites, harmful or unwanted chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides, volatile substances, cleaning agents, organic solvents, turbidity, trihalomethanes, mud, sediments, heavy metals, unpleasant taste and odor; in the water, all while keeping th the health benefits of minerals that the body needs.

It is not necessary to purchase expensive disposable filters. Black Berkey ™ filter pads can be cleaned!
If the flow of filtered water decreases, simply clean Black Berkey ™ filter trays under running water with a coarse part of the dish sponge, install it again, and your system will be ready to filter the water again. Each filter cartridge can filter more than 11,350 liters of water (two cylinders is more than 22,700 liters) and provide you with clean and health-conscious water for many years.
Since Black Berkey ™ filters are so effective, they can remove red food dye from your water, you can periodically test the functionality of your system. We recommend that you perform this red food dye test immediately after the first filter assembly. We also recommend that you run the test every three to six months and also if your device has not been used for some time or before you take it with you on the road or abroad to make sure it is working properly.
The Black Berkey ™ filter system has been tested by state laboratories with EPA accreditation, and the results have exceeded the NSF / ANSI 53 standards.