Berkey shower filter

This revolutionary shower filter produces high quality chlorine–free water that your entire family can enjoy every day. This shower water filter easily removes any unpleasant tastes, smells, contaminants or rust that your water may contain. The running water is treated by chlorine or chlorine compound and the Berkey shower filter reliably neutralizes 100% of these substances. The product is easy to install and has a leak–proof replaceable insert. It is effective for both cold and hot water (up to 49 ° C). Reduces damage to hair and skin. Size: Depth 13 cm, Diameter 7 cm the package contains only a filter (white roller) without a head!

Brand: Berkey ( New Millenium Concepts )

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1,590 Kč
Berker Shower Filter is usually able to filter more than 75,000 liters of water,   possibly lasting one year - whichever comes first. Testing was performed in standard laboratory conditions. In normal operation life may vary.
Berkey ™ Shower Filter   contains an innovative and improved filter medium that is especially effective in reducing the volume of free chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, limestone and iron oxides (rusty water).
The media used in the Berkey ™ shower filtration process operate at a large temperature range, with a maximum operating temperature of 49 ° C.
  • "Full flow filter" ensures uniform distribution of water in the shower head (shower head not included)
  • Easy to install leak-proof replaceable insert
  • The back flushing adapter prevents premature clogging
  • It limits the absorption of chemicals by the skin and their inhalation in the gaseous state
  • It is effective for both cold and hot water (up to 49 ° C)
  • Reduces damage to hair and skin
  • Eliminates dirt and odor
  • Reduces free chlorine
  • Does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA Free)

    The chlorine in the liquid or gaseous state can normally be present in the shower environment. At higher water temperatures in the enclosed shower the free chlorine in the liquid state evaporates and changes to the gas that we breathe in. That is, when designing effective shower filtration one should take into account the individual microclimate in the shower, including the water temperature, flow rate and volume. Since chlorination has been used for many years when drinking water is disinfected, consumers are aware of the benefits of additional filtering that chlorine will again eliminate from the water. Many people, however, are surprised to find that 50% of the daily dose of chlorine is given in the shower (another 50% of drinking water, if they do not filter it further). For this reason, water filtration in the shower is just as important as drinking water filtration. Scientific studies show that long hot showers pose a potential health risk. In an enclosed shower chlorine evaporates and is inhaled. To a lesser extent, it also absorbs the skin.
  • Chlorine is added to water to destroy pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria. Highly reactive chlorine is compounded with fatty acids and carbon, producing various toxic substances . Medical studies highlight the increased risk of developing illnesses as well as serious diseases associated with absorption and inhalation of chlorine.
    Showering in chlorinated water it can also lead to worsening previously developed illnesses such as asthma or eczema.
    In addition to the benefits of water filtering, cosmetic benefits have to be mentioned. Symptoms of negative effects of chlorine include dry or peeling skin, dry brittle hair, and red irritated eyes. Filtering water when showering leads to a reduction in these symptoms.
    Berkey shower filter works on a similar principle as a catalyst in a car, and uses high-purity, copper and zinc patented calcium sulfide mixtures to filter. In the shower filter, free chlorine is converted to harmless salt.
    The technical name for this chemical reaction - "reductive oxidation" - is commonly referred to as redox. The redox reactions may be complex in chemical terms, but essentially in the redox reaction the electrons are transferred between the molecules and other substances are formed. For example, free chlorine comes into contact with the filter medium, turns into a water-free, harmless chlorine. With this reaction, free chlorine turns into larger chlorine molecules that are too large to evaporate or absorb the skin, so the water will safely wash away. Evaporation of such a salt-based molecule requires a higher temperature than conventional water heaters allow, and its size does not allow absorption into the skin . The media used in the Berkey ™ shower filter converts free chlorine and some chloramines into harmless salt. These media, a patented mixture of copper, zinc and calcium sulphide, work well at different temperatures, ranging from cold to hot (up to 49 degrees Celsius).
    If possible, do not use the Berkey shower filter with a stop valve.
    If a stop valve is necessary, it must be installed in front of the shower filter.
    If the shut-off valve was installed behind the filter, there would be an excessive increase in pressure in the filter leading to its damage and subsequent loss of warranty.
    For more information about the correct installation of the shower filter with a stop valve, contact your Berkey® distributor.
  • Berkey shower filters are available without a shower head.


    • The Berkey shower filter is only designed to be connected to water from controlled sources.
    • Avoid freezing the shower filter.
    • Do not use with water at temperatures higher than 49 degrees Celsius.
    • The maximum water pressure must not exceed 100 psi.
    • Do not use in areas with very ferrous water where chemicals such as polyphosphates are used.
    • The Berkey shower filter is not designed for drinking water.