Panettone Small Form - 10 Pieces
White chocolate Callebaut 28% 1 kg
Milk chocolate Callebaut 33,6% 1 kg
Bitter chocolate Callebaut 54.5% 1 kg
Form Panettone Large - 10pcs
Form for baking Chiffon
1,389 Kč
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Royal baking mold
1,509 Kč
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The baking mold of the Cathedral
Sale 25%
Form for baking Snowflake
1,132 Kč
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Basket for muffin brown 25 pcs
Sale 49%
Embossed roller "mustard"
559 Kč
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Sale 14%
Embossed Roller "Darts"
Sale 35%
Embossed Roller "Robot"
Sale 30%
Form for the Medallion Desserts
Rolling Pin Olina
725 Kč
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Home Made Round Bread Baking Cloche
Table for baking
4,449 Kč
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Bread brush black
359 Kč
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