Baby plate of white oak – Ladybug

If you want to lead your children to love and responsibility for nature, children's wooden saucers will surely amaze you. In addition, this eco friendly baby–shaped pet cookware can help our smallest way to discover new shapes and tastes of food. This ladybird is divided into four parts where you can serve a variety of goodies or, for example, several kinds of fruit.

Dimensions: width – about 22 cm, length – about 18 cm, depth – about 2 cm
Material: Asian white oak

Brand: Kitchenette

Code: A5WOladyb

Availability: In stock

990 Kč

Warning: please note that the plate is not unbreakable! A fall from the table or careless handling can significantly damage it. If the goods were OK when taking the package and the customer is responsible for the damage, the product cannot be claimed, as is the case with other goods.

The surface of the plates is not porous, so their maintenance is really simple. Simply wash them with water and occasionally treat them with suitable edible oil to keep the wood longer.

We recommend only manual washing, dishwasher and microwave oven.